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We seek to connect newcomers & veterans of adventure travel to thrilling outdoor activities & experiential stays all while giving back to nature and local communities.

Be it solo travelers, groups, families or even corporates: we’ve got just the thing for you.



Raenuga Indran

“I’ve particularly enjoyed trips with Mowgli Venture as it really takes away the cognitive load/stress of travelling. They’ve got it all figured out from accommodation, travel, itinerary, photography and everything in between which allows me to focus on enjoying my holiday.

I have truly enjoyed discovering hidden waterfalls and peaks, snorkelling, cliff jumping, boat rides, wildlife sighting, island hopping to hidden sea caves and secret beaches 👀”

Boey Zhi Xuan

If you love exploring outdoors, then this is THE group to explore it with!

Guides were also knowledgeable about the hiking/waterfall spots, dropping bite-sized infos about wildlife and such, making the overall experience very wholesome!

Don’t worry if you’re signing up by yourself – you will still have a blast! Packages are also priced quite affordably, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure on a budget.”

Koshla Ravi Nekoo

“I went on a trip to Sarawak with Mowgli Venture. It was the best trip ever! They brought us to multiple beautiful waterfalls. It was really fun meeting so many like minded people. One thing that stands out about Mowgli venture is their attention to detail. They plan out everything and ensure all the participants are happy and well taken care off. Never a dull moment with them. Can’t wait for my next trip!”

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